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Educational sciences

World Academy of Young Scientists

György Pálfi 10 years ago - 09:46

The Voice of the Next Generation

Katalin Sulyok 10 years ago - 20:10

Vertical or Horizontal Teaching?

Yves Quéré 10 years ago - 10:55

Reaching out beyond the Classroom

Akito Arima 10 years ago - 12:03

Section Chair Introduction II.

Julia Marton-Lefévre 10 years ago - 3:52

The Responsibility of Education

Lieke Riadi 10 years ago - 48:37

Where are We Going? What World Awaits the Future

Tariq Banuri 10 years ago - 26:43

Section Chair Introduction I.

Julia Marton-Lefévre 10 years ago - 6:48