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Innovation policy

Questions & Answers

10 years ago - 24:26

A means to an end

Tracey Elliott 10 years ago - 20:55

Japanese Foresight Activity and its Implication

Hiroshi Nagano 10 years ago - 16:43

China's Development Challenges and Role of

Linxiu Zhang 10 years ago - 17:55

Biomedicine innovation for building up a

Jia-Rui Wu 10 years ago - 24:19

Australia's foresighting activities: Planning

Penny D. Sackett 10 years ago - 23:24

Science and technology foresight and innovation

Yonglong Lü 10 years ago - 2:19

Opportunities of small countries

Björn von Sydow 10 years ago - 19:04

Science and Innovation as a Global Enterprise

Roland Schenkel 10 years ago - 21:07

The Government Competitive Funds for Science &

Ichiro Kanazawa 10 years ago - 16:01

Global Science - An Inconvenient Truth?

Peter Nijkamp 10 years ago - 28:30