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Closing plenary

Section Chair Introduction

Dr. Balázs Gulyás 11 years ago - 1:11

Introductory Address

Gábor Világosi 11 years ago - 2:58

Summary and Conclusions: Capacity Building and

Prof. Mohammed Hassan 11 years ago - 5:36

Summary and Conclusions: The Role of Business

László András 11 years ago - 5:33

Summary and Conclusions: Perspectives from the

Anupam Varma 11 years ago - 5:15

Summary and Conclusions: The Future of the

Brendan MacKey 11 years ago - 6:19

Summary and Conclusions: Educating Future

Lieke Riadi 11 years ago - 5:38

General Conclusions

Attila Meskó 11 years ago - 13:17

Forum of Young Scientists of the World: World

Gaëll Mainguy
Archana Bhaw-Luximon
Mo Motamedi
Judit Gervain
11 years ago - 16:29