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Plenary Session IV.

Introduction - Launching the UNEP International

Gábor Fodor 12 years ago - 2:02

Welcome from United Nations Environment Programme

Sylvie Lemmet 12 years ago - 14:16

Sustainable resource management in Tansania

H. E. Mark Mwandosya 12 years ago - 5:12

Use of natural resources

Timo Mäkelä 12 years ago - 2:14

Resource shortage and degradation

Yong Ren 12 years ago - 3:09

Comment on the panel's work

Mark Swilling 12 years ago - 2:52

Comment on the panel's work

Yvan Hardy 12 years ago - 3:09

Italy's role in new UNEP panel

Paolo Soprano 12 years ago - 2:23

Resource consumption and sustainable use of

Yuichi Moriguchi 12 years ago - 3:31

Comment on the panel

Herman Sips 12 years ago - 2:12

WAYS Panel on the Limits of Evidence-Based

Ravinder Bhatia 12 years ago - 4:49

What are the Limits of Evidence-based Decision

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra 12 years ago - 11:03