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Science and youth

Session introduction

Péter Csermely 11 years ago - 1:53

International year of Astronomy 2009

Catherine Cesarsky 11 years ago - 19:39

Science and youth

Savita Singh 11 years ago - 7:34

Can Social Networks Tackle our Common Equation?

Gaëll Mainguy 11 years ago - 13:41

Welcome to the Read/Write Web

Marin Dacos 11 years ago - 14:38

Shaping the Future of Polar Research

Jenny Baeseman 11 years ago - 17:18

Prioritizing science for Nigeria's development

Raphael Adesiyan 11 years ago - 15:00

Inspire Youth? Engage them in Contemporary

Zvi Paltiel 11 years ago - 14:57

Gifted Education in Europe: 1916-2009

Franz Mönks 11 years ago - 17:45

Networking possibilities to promote science

Péter Csermely
Máté Oláh
11 years ago - 14:02

Questions and answers

11 years ago - 27:28