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Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Large Lecture Hall

Thematic Sessions I. c. What Humans Will Be after

Dr. Anna Veiga
Prof. Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner
Dr. Lluis Montoliu
Prof. Jennifer Merchant
Dr. Maria Filipa Ferraz de Oliveira
3 years ago - 1:28:55

Thematic Sessions II. d. Gender Equality in STI:

Dr. Aldo Stroebel
Mucktarr Darboe
Dr. Tonya Blowers
L. Anathea Brooks
Prof. Romain Murenzi
3 years ago - 1:41:26

Thematic Sessions III. e. Hunting for Alien Worlds

Dr. Szilárd Csizmadia
Dr. László Kiss
Prof. Giovanna Tinetti
Dr. Jack Lissauer
Dr. Christopher Broeg
3 years ago - 1:36:20

Thematic Sessions IV. e. Science Diplomacy for

Dr. Pauline Ravinet
Dr. Tim Flink
Dr. Grace Sirju-Charran
Susana Vidal
Dr. Eliska Tomalova
Dr. Ghaith Fariz
3 years ago - 1:39:03