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Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Small Lecture Hall

Thematic Sessions I. d. The urgent responsibiltiy

Dr. Heide Hackmann
Dr. Nazar Mohamed Hassan
Prof. Eeva Furman
Joshua Setipa
Dr. Teresa Stoepler
Prof. Javier García Martínez
Prof. Hazir Elhaj
3 years ago - 1:36:27

Thematic Sessions II. b. Responsible Research and

Dr. April Tash
Iain Stewart
Dr. Maral Dadvar
Dr. Simge Davulcu Menket
Dr. Steffen Fritz
Faten Attig-Bahar
Dr. Ola El Zein
Dr. Rocky Skeef
3 years ago - 1:47:12

Thematic Sessions III. c. The Widespread

Dr. Miyoko Watanabe
Dr. Elizabeth Pollitzer
Prof. Astrid Linder
Dr. Magdalena Skipper
Dr. Aldo Stroebel
3 years ago - 1:49:50

Thematic Sessions IV. c. Human Right to Science

Dr. Teresa Stoepler
Dr. Julia MacKenzie
Dr. Margaret Vitullo
Marco Perduca
3 years ago - 1:30:06