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Plenary session

Plenary section chair introduction

Werner Arber 11 years ago - 2:33

Science and Technology for the Improvement of the

Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol 11 years ago - 23:13

Strengthening International Science for the

Goverdhan Mehta 11 years ago - 30:13

Lecture of the winner of the Carlos J. Finlay

Khatigal Mohammed Yussof 11 years ago - 11:21

Lecture of the winner of the Javed Husain Prize

Dong-Lai Feng 11 years ago - 5:47

Lecture of the winner of UNESCO Science Prize

Alexander Balakin 11 years ago - 4:23

Value and Ethics of Science

Yongxiang Lu 11 years ago - 23:17

Jane Goodall's speech

Jane Goodall 11 years ago - 35:28

STS Forum

Hiroyuki Yoshikawa 11 years ago - 31:26

Lecture of the winner of the Sultan Qaboos Prize

Ernesto Enkerlin-Hoeflich 11 years ago - 11:22

Lecture of the winner of the Kalinga Prize for

Jeter Jorge Bertoletti 11 years ago - 13:34

Lecture of the winner of the Great Man-made River

Sayyed Ahang Kowsar 11 years ago - 09:41