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Investing in Knowledge for Peace IPSO (Israeli-Palestine Science Organisation) Panel

Session chair introduction

Torsten Wiesel 11 years ago - 4:41

Scientific cooperation between Israel and

Sari Nusseibeh 11 years ago - 09:08

Challanges of Israeli-Palestine Science

Farida Faouzia Charfi 11 years ago - 3:32

Forming Israeli-Palestine Science Organisation

Harald Reuter 11 years ago - 2:39

Friends of Israeli-Palestine Science Organisation

Carol Corillon 11 years ago - 3:23

State of research in Palestine

Hassan Dweik 11 years ago - 7:17

The first nanotechnology laboratory in Palestine

Mukhles Sowwan 11 years ago - 3:32

Targeting the Myristoyl Binding Pocket (MBP) in

Amirap Goldblum
Jamal Mahajna
Yousef Najajreh
11 years ago - 40:42


11 years ago - 14:35

Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization (IPSO)

Edouard Brézin 11 years ago - 09:32