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Celebration of Mathematics

Celebration of Mathematics (9)

Celebration of Abel Prize winner Peter Lax and presentation of the International Bolyai Prize


Domokos Szász 9 years ago - 4:10

About the International Bolyai Prize

Sándor Csörgő 9 years ago - 5:16

Introductory remarks

Klaus Schmidt 9 years ago - 1:27

Report of the International Prize Committee and

László Lovász 9 years ago - 6:49

Introduction of Misha Gromov

András Szűcs 9 years ago - 11:18

Presentation of the International Bolyai Prize

E. Szilveszter Vizi 9 years ago - 00:57

Geometry of Product Spaces

Misha Gromov 9 years ago - 51:52

Introduction of Peter David Lax

József Fritz 9 years ago - 8:40