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Investing in Future Generations

Opening of the Session

Pierre Léna 10 years ago - 5:26

The Importance and nature of Science Education in

Wynne Harlen 10 years ago - 21:00

Science Education + Talent Support =

Péter Csermely 10 years ago - 21:36

Pedagogy in Action

Pierre Léna 10 years ago - 15:50

Neuroeducation and the One Laptop per Child

Antonio M. Battro 10 years ago - 16:01

Telling Scientific Stories: The World Wide

Gaëll Mainguy 10 years ago - 14:03

ICT in Education

Daniel Andler 10 years ago - 24:18

The Scholar Ship Programme

Ravinder Bhatia 10 years ago - 21:44

The European Research Area: Human Resources

Johannes Klumpers 10 years ago - 30:04


József Pálinkás 10 years ago - 23:05