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World Science Forum 2009

World Science Forum 2009 (134)

Knowledge and Future

Session introduction

Dr. József Hámori 11 years ago - 4:10

The impact of science and technology on

Werner Arber 11 years ago - 22:26

Bridging the past, the present and the Future

Walter Erdelen 11 years ago - 28:53

1999 - 2009: Ten years after the World Conference

Gudmund Hernes 11 years ago - 14:52

A Decade's Imprint on Science

Alan I. Leshner 11 years ago - 17:29

1999-2009: From Global Environmental Change

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber 11 years ago - 27:37

Towards a science of the Web: the power of

Dame Wendy Hall CBE 11 years ago - 22:57

Spectroscopy of the oldest stars

Beatriz Barbuy 11 years ago - 10:03

Women as co-creators of the global future

Sudha Nair 11 years ago - 17:45

Women and leadership, from an engineer's

Julia King 11 years ago - 20:00

Advancing the role of women in science: work in

Ana María Cetto 11 years ago - 22:09