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Thematic Sessions III. e. Hunting for Alien Worlds: Recent Advances in Exoplanet Research


Thematic Sessions III. e. Hunting for Alien Worlds: Recent Advances in Exoplanet Research

Organised by:  Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)
Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Large Lecture Hall

Exoplanet research is one of the most important drivers in modern astronomy and astrophysics. Since the discovery of the first exoplanet around a Sun-like star (Mayor & Queloz 1995), a whole new field has exploded into existence, which was primarily assisted by significant advances in ground-based observations and dedicated space missions. These have delivered thousands of exoplanets through exquisite observations of tiny effects caused by the presence of planet-sized companions around stars. The rich variety of exoplanets has also forced theoreticians to re-formulate our understanding of planet formation and evolution. This event will deliver first-hand accounts of where the field is right now and where are we heading to in the next decade.
Moderator (confirmed):

    László Kiss, Director General, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences

Speakers (confirmed):

    Giovanna Tinetti, Professor of Astrophysics, University College London, Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences, Dept of Physics & Astronomy
    Jack Lissauer, Space scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, Space Science & Astrobiology Division
    Christopher Broeg, Space scientist, University of Bern, Faculty of Science, Center for Space and Habitability (CSH)
    Szilárd Csizmadia, Researcher, German Aerospace Center, Institute for Planetary Research


    Ágnes Kóspál, research advisor, Konkoly Observatory



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World Science Forum 2019, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Large Lecture Hall

Csillagászat, Asztrofizika, Tudomány és társadalom


Dr. Kiss László (moderátor)
Prof. Giovanna Tinetti (előadó)
Dr. Jack Lissauer (előadó)
Dr. Christopher Broeg (előadó)
Dr. Szilárd Csizmadia (előadó)


2019. november 22.

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2019. december 12.

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